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venerdì 10 giugno 2011

Illustrated Idioms Exhibit @Nucleus Gallery

Having butterflies in the stomach
'...con le farfalle nello stomaco'
25x25cm framed -Gouaches and collage

To have one's head in the clouds
'...con la testa fra le nuvole'25x25cm framed -Gouaches

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a few words can make a delightfully pretty picture. This exhibit has of 13 fresh, diverse, and notable young artists visually exploring their favorite idiom.

Idioms are playful expressions of any language, consisting of phrases or sentences that do not literally mean what they say, illustrating them results in works that are visually striking, whimsical, humorous, and downright fun.

Baker's Dozen: An Illustrated Idioms Exhibit
June 11, 2011 - July 4, 2011
Nucleus Gallery
Featured Artists:
Ming Ong, You Byun, Brittney Lee, Matte Stephens, Dadu Shin, Catia Chien, Miki Sato, Nicole Gustafsson, Lorena Alverez, Ahren Hertel, Nico Duffaut, Daniela Volpari

...and this wonderful post for me in Nucleus Blog! thank you!

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